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The ZIRIUS General Assembly

The ZIRIUS General Assembly includes members ex officio, institutional members representing the participating departments (faculties) of the University of Stuttgart and project managers of all ongoing projects. The General Assembly elects the Director and her/his deputy, decides on the research program and the admission of new projects and appoints the advisory board of the center. Current members of the General Assembly are:

Members ex officio

Prof. Dr. Cordula Kropp (Director)
Prof. Dr. André Bächtiger (Director)
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Pedell (Deputy director)

Institutional members

Prof. Dr. Martin Dressel (Faculty 8)
Prof. Dr. Frank Englmann (Faculty 10)
Prof. Dr. Kai Hufendiek (Faculty 4)
Prof. Dr. Nadja Schott (Faculty 10)

Project managers

Annika Arnold
Dr. Ruediger Goldschmidt
Dr. Juergen Hampel
Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Jovanovic
Rainer Kuhn
Dr. Birgit Mack
Christian D. León
Dr. Dirk Scheer
Dr. Marco Sonnberger
Prof. Dr. Antje Stokman
Sandra Wassermann
Dr. Wolfgang Weimer-Jehle
Sarah Wist

Permanent guests

Prof. Dr. Volker Haug
Agnes Lampke (Head of administration)
Sabine Muecke (Administrative assistant)
Prof. Dr. Michael Resch
Dr. Wolfgang Weimer-Jehle (Scientific executive director)