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Evaluation World Wide Views 3

ZIRIUS conducted this evaluation project on behalf of the consortium of the World Wide Views Initiative (WWViews, cf. wwviews.org). The evaluation was supported by the KR Foundation.

Together with our partner organisation, the Loka Institute, ZIRIUS conducted the official evaluation of the initiative. The Loka Institute assessed the external impact, ZIRIUS focused on process quality as well as the internal impact, meaning the impact on the participants triggered by their involvement in the WWViews 3 initiative.

WWViews is a transnational participatory initiative to involve citizens in decision making on central issues such as climate change (WWViews 1 and 3) or biodiversity (WWViews 2). The event designs in WWViews are consistent across all partner sites and countries and basically fit most to the participatory format of the citizens’ conference, where deliberative phases are completed by votings for synthesizing the single voices to form aggregated collective perspectives.

ZIRIUS conducted an evaluation survey among the participants during the WWViews events in the partner countries, which advocated the evaluation activity. The basic questionnaire was translated from English into respective national languages, if this was required. ZIRIUS accompanied both former WWViews initiatives. This task had value on its own. In addition, the study adds to our meta-research across the former evaluation studies, which were conducted by ZIRIUS and its partner organization DIALOGIK on tall participatory initiatives during more than one decade.

Funding: World Wide Views Initiative
KR Foundation
Project duration: May 2015 – March 2016
Staff: Dr. Ruediger Goldschmidt
Oliver Scheel, M.A.
Contact: Dr. Ruediger Goldschmidt
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