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Further development of the energy infrastructure in Stuttgart and consequences for sustainable development in the city


The research project WECHSEL focuses on the transformation of build-up riversides into sustainable urban living environments. The example for this transformation is the Neckar valley in Stuttgart under the vision of a river city. Sustainable development of the technical infrastructure along the Neckar as part of the German energy transition constitutes the setting of the project. WECHSEL aims at developing planning perspectives as well as strategies for designing this transformation process under the involvement of municipal authorities, energy suppliers, distribution system operators and other operators of urban infrastructure.

Project partners
  • Institut für Energiewirtschaft und Rationelle Energieanwendung (IER, project leader), Universität Stuttgart
  • Institute of Urban Planning and Design, University of Stuttgart, Chair of International Urbanism
  • SI Städtebau-Institut, Universität Stuttgart, Lehrstuhl für Stadtplanung und Entwerfen
  • Research Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies (ZIRIUS), University of Stuttgart
  • Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, Amt für Stadtplanung und Stadterneuerung (Abteilung Stadtentwicklung)
  • Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, Amt für Umweltschutz (Abteilung Energiewirtschaft)

The project starts with a realistic estimation of the energy potential along the Neckar. The results of this estimation are feed into scenarios concerning land use potentials for urban and landscape development. Part of this participatory process are stakeholders, national experts, citizens and people from civil society.

Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project duration: January 2017 – December 2019
Project staff: Doris Lindner M.A.
Dr. Michael Ruddat
Contact: Michael Ruddat

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