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Stuttgart Cluster of Excellence “Simulation Technology”

Currently two projects of the Stuttgart Cluster of Excellence „Simulation Technologies“ (SimTech) are conducted at ZIRIUS. Two further projects were finished. Within SimTech the two running projects are located at the Project Network 7. This Project Network serves as an integrative platform of reflexion and contextualisation that contributes to the whole Cluster regarding Theory of Science, Philosophy of Technology, Sociology of Technology and Ethics. The four ZIRIUS projects deal with:
  • Scenario analysis as a support of environmental simulations (ACCESS, running)
  • Communication about prospects and limitations of simulation results for policy makers (COPLOS, finished)
  • The inclusion of social context information into model based energy scenario analysis (IBESSA, running)
  • The simulation of innovation processes in the field of renewable energies (REMAG, finished).
The links on the right offer additional information about the projects.

Project duration: 2008 – 2017
Project staff: Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn
Dr. Wolfgang Hauser
Hannah Kosow, Dipl.-Soz.Wiss.
Ricarda Scheele, M.Sc.
Dr. Dirk Scheer
Barbara Teutsch, M.A.
Dr. Wolfgang Weimer-Jehle
Information about the subprojects:

    => ACCESS

    => COPLOS

    => IBESSA

    => REMAG

Informationen about SimTech:

=> SimTech homepage

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