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Security of the supply chain for pharmaceuticals

This research project focuses on the security of the supply chain for pharmaceuticals from drug manufacturers to wholesalers to the point of sale / point of care. The project will propose security measures against external threats to the supply chain like criminal acts, counterfeit drugs, the smuggling of dangerous drugs, accidents in the packaging process or in the cold chain etc...


Aschenbruecker, A., Loescher, M., Troppens, S. (2013), Scenario-based supply chain risk management to avoid drug shortages caused by external threats in the pharmaceutical supply chain, 20thEurOMA Conference, Dublin June 7- 12, 2013. => Download

Aschenbruecker, A., Loescher, M. (2013), Szenario-gestützte Identifikation von externer Bedrohungspotenzialen in der Medikamentenversorgungskette, IPRI-Praxis Nr. 2, Stuttgart. => IPRI-Homepage

Funding: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Project duration: May 2010 – April 2014
Project staff: Jovanovic, Aleksandar S., Prof. (Univ. NS) Dr.-Ing. (ZIRIUS project manager)
Roswitha Kokejl
Loescher, Michael, M.A.
Contact: Aleksandar Jovanovic

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