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Acceptance and Usage of Sustainable Individual Transport in Pilot Communities

The project aims at analysing the social incentives and barriers for ‘collectivized individual transport’. The term ‘collectivized individual transport’ refers to the joint use of cars. This includes car-sharing or car-pooling concepts. In conjunction with climate adaptation and mitigation, such concepts are gaining more and more attention and proliferation. So far, it has not been sufficiently analysed which incentives and barriers play an important role for the establishment of concepts of ‘collectivized individual transport’. However, with regard to the implementation of such concepts, research on possible target groups is necessary in order to advertise concepts of ‘collectivized individual transport’ effectively. Therefore, during the project, a package of measures is developed containing recommendations for the increase of usage of ‘collectivized individual transport’.

Different methodical instruments are applied during the project: Stakeholders are interviewed by using qualitative expert interviews, users are classified into mobility types, focus groups are used to “test” various concepts of ‘collectivized individual transport’ and an online survey is conducted to supplement the analysis of incentives and barriers from a citizens’ perspective. Finally, experts from different disciplines are gathered in order to assess the opportunities and risks of various concepts of ‘collectivized individual transport’ during a Group Delphi. The project is funded by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Environmental Foundation).

Project duration: April 2011 – November 2012
Project staff: Renn, Ortwin, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. (Director ZIRIUS)
Sonnberger, Marco, M.A.
Gallego Carrera, Diana, M.A.
Zwick, Michael M., Dr.
Contact: Marco Sonnberger, M.A.
Project homepage: www.uni-stuttgart.de/kollektiv/

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