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Early Recognition, Monitoring, and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology related, Risks

iNTeg-Risk is a large-scale integrating project aimed at improving the management of emerging risks, related to “new technologies” in European industry. This is being achieved by building new management paradigm for emerging risks as a set of principles supported by a common language, agreed tools & methods, and Key Performance Indicators, all integrated into a single framework. The project aim is to reduce time-to-market for the lead market EU technologies and promote safety, security, environmental friendliness and social responsibility as a trademark of the EU technologies. The project goal is to improve early recognition and monitoring of emerging risks and decrease reaction times if major accidents involving emerging risks happen.

The project involves leading EU industries and renowned R&D institutions. It is coordinated by the European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management, the dedicated EEIG guaranteeing the sustainability of results after the project.

Funding: European Commission
Project duration: December 2008 – May 2013
Project staff: Jovanovic, Aleksandar S., Prof. (Univ. NS) Dr.-Ing. (ZIRIUS project manager)
Scheer, Dirk, M.A.
Schweizer, Pia-Johanna, Dr.
Roswitha Kokejl
Loescher, Michael, M.A.
Contact: Aleksandar Jovanovic
Project homepage: www.integrisk.eu-vri.eu

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