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The „GuEST“-Projekt partner consortium comprises: FKFS, TAZ, DEKRA, BOSCH and ZIRIUS (University Stuttgart) as well as DAIMLER as associated partner.

Objectives: The project intends to foster the communication about e-mobility for raising public awareness of this technology and to increase publics’ enthusiasm for using electric powered vehicles in all day life. The research objective is to develop a business model based on the usage of electrically powered vehicles as taxi (E-Cab) during a long time period. Such a model does not exist, currently.

The core question of, whether a sustainable application of the E-Cabs is possible, will be elaborated in two research areas, which build together an integrative research perspective:
  1. Technical aspects are investigated by documenting technical data about the taxi ride by using measurement technology directly installed in the E-Cabs. Research questions are, which charging technology is appropriate and which technical configuration is needed for a functional usage, what includes also the evaluation of infrastructural aspects. This allows conclusions about on the optimal relationship between the location for charging stations, the duration of the charging process and the activity range of the cabs. In addition, the cars safety and especially the wearout are monitored.
  2. Socio-organisational aspects including acceptance: Success of a business model for E-Cabs depends beside the mere technical function of the cabs also on the question of, whether the E-Taxi prove the test of all day life. Beside economic aspects such as cost effectiveness, the acceptance and the willingness of usage are essential requirements. The basic question of social research is of, which factors can raise the acceptance of E-Cabs. The data ascertainment comprises experiences, attitudes and assessments of the participating cab-enterprisers, the cab-drivers and the passengers. The social research done by ZIRIUS supports the partner consortium by collecting and providing the feedback of these target groups. Finally, the main success factors for raising acceptance will be summarized, whereas, the effectiveness of two communication methods (tablet computer vs. individual information provided by cab drivers) is investigated especially.

Funding:“Schaufenster Elektromobilitaet” (BMVBS, BMWi, BMBF and BMU)
Project duration: January 2013 – December 2015
Project staff: Ruediger Goldschmidt
Contact: Ruediger Goldschmidt
Phone: +49 711 6858 3945

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