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Health Dialogue

The state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg has initiated the “Health Dialogue” as a tool to involve multiple stakeholders, including the public, in an early stage of planning process to prevent future health related risks. We have designed, implemented and tested this early participation process on three levels (state, regional and local). Five „pilot dialogues“ have been conceptualized and are running until December 2013. First results are obtained form a concrete conflict (a closedown and rebuilding of hospitals in Baden-Wuerttemberg). Patient organisations, people working in the concerned hospitals and the general public are invited to work on recommendations for the decision makers and to take part in the political decision about redesigning the hospital structure in their region.

Funding: State of Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Families, Women and Senior Citizens and Health Authority Baden-Wuerttemberg
Project duration: September 2012 – December 2013
Project staff: Dr. Gisela Wachinger (coordinator)
Sarah Wist
Contact: Dr. Gisela Wachinger

=> Overview on the "pilot dialogues" (project homepage at the Health Authority Baden-Wuerttemberg, in German)

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