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EnSys-BaWü - Energy Systems Analysis Baden-Wuerttemberg

The project “Energy Systems Analysis Baden-Württemberg“ (EnSys-BaWü) is conducted by the Stuttgart Research Initiative on Integrated Systems Analysis for Energy“ (STRise) in cooperation with the Stuttgart institutes DLR, IER and ZSW. The project pursues an interdisciplinary approach to researching relevant processes and mechanism of the socio-technical energy transformation in the federal state. Since a transformation cannot be approached with sector-specific, technically oriented solutions, an integration of technology, economics (finance and market design) as well as social science perspectives is implemented. The project partners develop and model scenarios that meet the energy-related objectives of climate change, energy security and efficiency. Supported by model-based analysis a quantification of the various effects of different configuration options of the energy transition for Baden-Württemberg is investigated. ZIRIUS is responsible for a social science perspective that goes beyond researching the mere acceptability of single energy sources and mixes.

The complexity of the necessary transformation of the energy system expands to all areas and sectors - electricity, heat and mobility. Our social science analysis takes into consideration that an energy transformation will also extend into citizens’ living environments and include complex perception and acceptability structures that cannot be captured by simply looking at individual energy sources. For this reason, the modelled scenarios are transferred into citizens’ social reality and discussed within focus groups. Both quantitative and qualitative data is expected to provide insight into preferences and reasoning structures. Towards the end of the project an expert-based Delphi workshop takes up the results and addresses questions of viability and policy relevance.

Funding: Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg
Project duration: November 2016 – December 2017
Staff: Ricarda Scheele, M.Sc.
Oliver Scheel, M.A.
Contact: Ricarda Scheele, M.Sc.

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